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New Vision For Equitable, Transparent & Accountable Leadership

As a civil and public servant, I have a proven track record of leadership, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure development, and creating community services which were recognized by civic and political leaders across partisan lines at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as my opponent.

I was a dedicated civil servant for the United States Postal Service for 29 years and served as Director of the Houston Post Credit Union (Plus 4). I gained valuable leadership skills and insights into working with various community organizations, advocacy groups, labor unions, and government agencies and increased Plus 4 revenues from $10 mm to $50 mm dollars.

I was one of the first elected Directors/GM of Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District #24 and its first elected African American President in 2007. During my tenure, I eliminated bureaucratic waste, held contractors accountable, built a Community Center, significantly cut the budget while investing over 5 million dollars in infrastructure improvements and flood control mitigation while increasing revenues and NOT taxes. The policies, procedures, and guidelines I established to improve operational efficiency, transparency, and accountability are still being used as a model by other Utility Districts to this day.

As County Commissioner, I promise to bring a fresh new vision of equitable, transparent, and accountable leadership for ALL Precinct 4 residents.

Clarence Miller

Candidate for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4


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