"I would like to serve as Commissioner for Precinct 4 because

we need a bold new direction."

I have lived in Harris County for over 48 years and served the people of our community

in business, faith, and charity.

We need leaders who have the real world experience necessary

to provide excellent public services and proven leadership skills needed

to see us through the hardest storms,

and the energy to travel across our County and listen to every voice. 

"We need someone that understands the area."

I understand that this job is not a "9 to 5",

It is a "24/7/365",

and I am committed to doing the hard work required

to serve the people of North Harris County. 


"My grandmother lived to be 104 and every time I would see her,

she would ask me 'What are you going to do?' 

As a child, I didn’t understand the question, but as a man I do.

So as part of my relentless quest to improve and help others

I refuse to take a seat at the table and not make a difference.


I will always fight for those who can’t fight, and speak for those who can’t speak.


So, I challenge all of you to BE SOMEONE and make a difference."

                                                                      -Clarence Miller

My Priorities


In Harris County Precinct 4




Quality public services

Fiscal Responsibility


Flood Control and Disaster Recovery

Human & Sex Trafficking


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Yvonda Lewis, Treasurer.


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