photo at the Senior's ball with arms out

Community Service

Clarence and his wife, Paula, both believe in giving back to their community. They have an extensive history of being on the front lines supporting voter registration efforts, mentoring at-risk youth, providing school supplies to students, feeding the community, and providing rental assistance to those in need.

Mentoring Youth 

For the last five years, Clarence has sponsored a facility to recognize hundreds of young adults for their achievements and community service. He has teamed up with Judge Joe Stephen and Boys Rock 2 Skills Camp to sponsor and mentor over 200 boys and young men on valuable life skills such as career development, health & hygiene, dressing for success, and how to react when encountered by a police officer.

Helping Those In Need

Clarence supports a wide range of city-wide organizations and can be found on any given day hosting voter registration events, helping to distribute food, handing out school supplies, or attending neighborhood rallies and fundraisers.

Serving Seniors

In 2013, Clarence developed and spearheaded a Senior Citizen Program, which fed over 80 seniors on the first Tuesday of every month. In 2018, Clarence took it a step further and supplied seniors in need with free heaters, Christmas trees, and gifts at his own expense.