About Clarence Miller

Clarence Miller is a native of Huntsville, Texas. At the age of 18, he relocated to Houston, with only $50 dollars in his pocket and a one-way bus ticket, to seek a better life.


He joined the United States Postal Service, retiring after 29 years of service.

While working for the Postal Service, he requested to be detailed to other positions to get experience & exposure to a variety of different groups such as the Women’s Advisory Board, the Career Awareness Conference Board, only later to be elected Director of the Houston Post Credit Union; now known as



He is happily married to Paula Miller, he has a daughter Sheneka Miller Jack, a grandson Dylan Jack, son-in-law Keith Jack and seven brothers and sisters. He is a lifelong Democrat and also a member of Fallbrook Church.


Real Experience

Clarence retired from the Postal Service in 2001 to start his own business "C’s Pressure Washing", which benefited many local businesses and institutions as clients.


In addition, he pursued obtaining his TREC Real Estate, TREC Loan Officer License and even Texas Insurance license.


Because of a strong belief in comprehensive service, he would assist community members in buying property, getting a loan, insuring the property, and would even provide a pressure wash for the property before they moved in. He has served as Commissioner of the Court for his community and an advisor to the School Board.

In 2005, he became one of the first elected Directors of Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District #24 in it’s 22- year history. He was nominated to represent his district in litigation with the mediator against a large contractor who built a defective $2.5 million – wastewater plant.


The district won over $112,000 and the contractor made all necessary repairs to the plant. During that time, the District was nearly broke and Clarence held special board meeting at his home, where many of the current consultants were hired right there at his kitchen table. He was elected the first African American President in 2007 and as president he has established new policies, procedures, and guidelines that other districts use as a model today. As President, he was able to bring in more efficient and knowledgeable consultants. He significantly cut the budget and increased revenue to provide a greater economic impact for the district.


Under Clarence’s leadership, the district has received a new road, new wall, new monument, new security cameras and street lights on Bammel North Houston Road. As of today, the District is 100% Debt-free - of $10 Million in old bonds - resulting in a saving of over $2 million in interest to the district. Due to Clarence's insight and leadership before Hurricane Harvey hit, the District invested over $5 million in local infrastructure; because of this foresight - the area was spared significant flooding during Harvey.


Community Service

In 2013, Clarence spearheaded establishing a Senior Citizen program

for the first Tuesday of each month, 

which feeds over 80 Seniors at no cost to them.


In 2018, he went the extra mile by supplying senior citizens with

 free heaters and Christmas trees,

but it didn't stop there.. he loves surprising senior citizens with free Christmas gifts.

Under his Clarence's leadership he has also provided:

 Free bed and breakfast trips to Kemah and Nacogdoches

For the last 5 years, sponsored a facility to support hundreds of young adults to be recognized for their achievements and community service.


 In January 2019, he teamed up with Judge Joe Stephen and Boys Rock 2 Skills Camp

in order to sponsor over 400 boys in just one day. 

The Boys Rock 2 Skills Camp program taught boys and young men

how to react when encountered by a police officer re: career development, health & hygiene,

and even how to 'tie a tie'.


Awards & Proclamations


Over the years, Clarence Miller has received accolades

from civic and political leaders across partisan lines

for his work in the community.


These awards include:

  • Three congressional proclamations by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

  • Proclamation by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, February 10th declared Clarence Miller Day

  • Proclamation from Texas Governor Greg Abbott

  • Proclamation for community service by Harris County Judge Ed Emmett

  • Proclamation, on behalf of the District, by Harris County Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

  • Lullelia Walker Harrison Dove award for community service, Zeta Phi Beta sorority

  • Woodmen Life Community Partner award

  • Community Service award from Houston City Council Member Michael Kubosh

Pol. Advertising paid for by Clarence Miller for Commissioner.

Yvonda Lewis, Treasurer.


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